Posted by: Metz | December 23, 2010

Oh Kitty Tree Oh Kitty Tree!

I thought I was being smart this year, we’re kind of cramped on space, so I said to myself, “Self, our old Christmas Tree is too big, and really it is totally wonky in the balance dept, if you sneeze wrong the dang thing falls over, we need a new, smaller tree!”  So I went out, braving the crowds at our local Kmart, and obtained said tree. 

Now you may be asking yourself, “Self, why is her tree not yet decorated only 2 days away from Christmas?”  Very good question, why don’t we ask an expert?  “But hey!” you say, “It’s nearly Christmas, where you going to find an expert this late in the season?”  Oh we have our own resident expert, don’t we Bella? 

Bella, why ISN’T our tree decorated this year?

“No comment.”

Now here’s the fun part, she isn’t just hanging out in the tree, and as far as I know hasn’t even knocked it over once.  Nooo, Mz. Bella Boo here has to get all creative. 

Right off the bat we started finding the branches in various parts of the house, nowhere near the tree.  But the dang things are nearly as big as Bella, it couldn’t be her could it?

Of course it is.  Sadly I was unable to get pictures to prove it is so, but this morning as I was walking out the door already late for work who do I see walking by dragging a branche 2x her size?  Bella Boo, I swear she even paused and smirked at me! 

I did get some great shots of her playing in and around the tree though.  She decided to pull a Simon’s Cat imprersonation on me tonight, scared the daylights outta me.  And of course, being a good kitteh Mommy I don’t scold or shoo her out, I grab the camera instead. 

Merry Merry everyone, and here’s to a Happy and Safe and Wish Fulfilling New Year.

If you are celebrating this season, may you have a wonderful holiday.  And if you aren’t celebrating, I hope you have a wonderful day.  ;-)


Posted by: Metz | December 8, 2010


EDIT:  A PSA for our Kitty Blog loving peeps, has a kitten pic as  finalist in the Petfinder Photo contest, to benefit Homeward Trails, the rescue organization they work with.  Please stop by and vote for the wee ones here: The photo is titled, “Rescued Orphans, Day 1″.  VOTE daily until Dec 13th!  :-D 

It’s time for another edition of K.C.S.I (Kitteh Crime Scene Investication), starring everyone’s favorite Furensic Investicator, Autumn.

Today’s episode, Where’s My Straw??

Mz. Bella Boo called Autumn at K.C.S.I, she was quite frantic and agitated, as seen here.

“My Straw, my FAVORITE Straw has been, *dun-dun-dun* STOLEN!”

Autumn sighed, “Why do they always call when I’m eating dinner?”  But, she left her delicious kibble and headed over to the scene of the crime.

“Nope, no straw here!  Mz. Bella Boo, were there any suspicious characters in the vicinity the last time you saw your straw?”

“Hmmm, let me think.  Noo, no suspicious characters, just my big brother Lucky, you don’t think HE took it do you?”

“I don’t know, I’ll have to interview him and see what he knows,”  Autumn said.

“So, Mr. Lucky, would you know anything about Mz. Bella Boo’s missing straw?”

“Does this box smell funny to you?  I’m sorry, what was the question again?”

“I don’t know nuttin’ about no missin’ straw!  I wanna talk to my lawyer!”

“Alright, I’ll talk, see, I was laying there minding my own business…”

“When along comes my sis, with her fancy scmancy straw….”

“and She’s playing with it, right in front of me, having a grand old time!  And does she ask me if I want to play too?  NO!”

“So when her back was turned, I just stretched out my paw and tucked it under my belleh.”


*sad forlorn look*

“Alright!  Alright!  I’m sorry, here, I’ll give it back!  Just stop looking at me like that!!”

“My Straw! YAY!”

“Sorry sis.”

Another case solved, by K.C.S.I. star investicator Autumn, who happily returned to her kibble.

Meanwhile, Lucky was jailed, but got off  five minutes later for cute behavior.

And Mz. Bella Boo?

Well, without her brother to torment, playing with her straw just wasn’t as much fun anymore.

“What’s that over there?”

“Oooh, Shiney!”

Posted by: Metz | December 5, 2010

What? Like YOU don’t sleep in weird positions.

I know exactly how you feel Summer, hosting a birthday party for six Thirteen-year old girls IS exhausting!

Thank goodness they’re all gone and all we have to do now is clean-u…*looks at mess*….

*collapses on couch with Summer*

Posted by: Metz | November 25, 2010

My new little “Brother” Bear.

Mom emailed me earlier this week saying she had a friend who wanted to give her a puppy, wanting to know what I thought.  I was sick Monday and Tuesday so didn’t see the email until this morning.  When I wrote her back asking for more info, she told me she’d already picked him up last night.  She said he is a Yorkie, about a pound or so, two months old, and I’m guessing is a teacup version as she said he’s not expected to be much more than 3 or 4 pounds total when he’s fully grown.

Normally I’m not a big (heh) fan of pocket pooches, but dang he’s cute!

That’s my Mom’s hand he’s chomping there.  :-)

Also, I’ve still got two openings for peeps that want to play along in Paw It Forward.  Please email me if you’re interested, either in getting a kitty or puppy care package or a donation to your favorite furry charity.  :-) metztree @ hotmail.

Posted by: Metz | November 23, 2010

Blissed Out Bella

Sunday was a busy day.  I was trying to get some major cleaing done in our bedroom, but Miss Curiosity, Bella felt that this activity needed her constant supervison.  After about the third time of her knocking over  a box of tacks it became clear that it was time for drastic measures.  I had come across a tub of catnip in my cleaning, so I tossed some into an empty shoebox.  The effect was instantaneous, Bella became so engrossed in the catnip, and I was free to clean…well one out of two wasn’t so bad.  Bella was engrossed in the catnip, and I was engrossed in how freaking adorable she was.

Check out how much she’s grown!!  This was back in August.

This was just the other day. :-)

Posted by: Metz | November 16, 2010

I *SO* Need This RIGHT NOW!

Ok, I found this here: who got it from here:

Seriously, A BASKET OF DRINKABLE KITTENS???  While I suppose it could have been worded a wee bit better, I still get the gist of it, that it is supposed to make you feel all warm and fuzzy like snuggling with a basket of kittens by the fire.

With so much stress going on in our household lately, I really do need to have a day where there is nothing but warm fuzzies like this.

Speaking of Warm And Fuzzy, I still need two more peeps for Paw It Forward.  So I’m expanding our offer a bit, if you do not have a pet but have a fave charity you would like me to send a donation in your name to, please feel free to join in.  :-)

Let me know via email metztree @ hotmail

And Mz. Sheba is still holding out her proverbial thumb hoping to hitch a ride into your heart and home.  Same as above, please email me with any inquiries.  :-)

Posted by: Metz | November 8, 2010

Paw It Forward A Deux

So, I know it’ s only been a couple of days since I posted and it was on the weekend but I’m a nervous nellie worrying I won’t get any takers for my go at Paw It Forward.

I wanted to add that if anyone is concerned about privacy/sharing of address personal info and such you are more than welcome to still play along.  Just let me know you’d like to play in the comments of either post, tell me what your furvorite furry charity is  & I’ll send a donation in your (or you and your pet’s) name(s).

In other news, still no nibbles on darling Sheba, please don’t be furrgetting her.  (yes you may bop me on the head for the bad puns). ;-) 

Posted by: Metz | November 7, 2010


Fridays are my long days.  I work my regular 9-5er and then volunteer 4 hours from 6-10pm, so I usually get home quite late.  Last night was no exception, made a bit later by stopping to pick up Wendy’s on the way home.

When I got home I was attacked by my kids Gabby n Ben who DEMANDED that I open this mysterious package received earlier in the day.  I looked at the box, yes indeed, it was the Paw It Forward package from Natalie at YAY!  I was just as excited as the kids, but…

I made them wait.  What?  I was hungry and fast food doesn’t get any better cold, lol.  Believe me I was dying to know what was inside too. 

So after I ate we went into the living room, gathered the kitties around (Summer and Autumn promptly ran off), and opened the box.  Bella was most intrigued when I gave the box a bit of a shake and it rattled, some of her favorite toys are rattling ones.

 I was so tickled as I was pulling the items out, no it wasn’t the feather toys, lol.  There was just so many cool things, and they kept coming!  It was like a cornucopia! 

I think I literally squealed with delight when I saw the package of brownies.  How many times I have virtually drooled over Natalie’s creations, and now I was going to actually have some?  PURE delight!  Now I was sort of regretting waiting until after I’d already eaten my fill of Wendy’s, lol.  Even though I was dying to have one right then and there, since it was already extremely past the kids’ bedtimes I reluctantly set the brownies aside to wait for tomorrow (Saturday).

Bella immediately claimed all the teeny mice and balls.


I was a meanie though, and made her share.

Lucky tried to tell me he was too grown up to play with floofy things.


Then we broke out the feathery balls and teaser.  All I can say is, DING DING DING WE HAVE A WINNAH!!

(the above pic came out a bit overexposed but it was SO cute I had to fiddle with the contrast and stuff just so you could see it)

Everything was amazing, treats (BTW Lucky LOVES the greenies I’ll have to remember that), a can o’tuna for teh kitties, catnip spray, bunches of balls and little meeses (I think they propagated in there lol), and the card was so sweet.  I was so taken with the seal on the envelope too, way too cool!

Saturday morning the kids could not wait until they finished breakfast so they could have one of Natalie’s brownies.

As suspected they were more than delicious.  Gabby was heard to say “These brownies are Mega-Way good!”  Coming from a 12 going on 13 yr old that’s high praise indeed.  Seriously though they were wonderful brownies!

Bella was a riot this morning too pulling the teaser down from where I’d sat it, as it fell it draped on her which started a nice 5 minutes of entertaining us with a Chase The Tail kind of game.  Wish I would’ve gotten it on video, but still photos will have to do.


Once she “caught” it, she dragged it off like a lioness dragging her prey.  Too cute.

Ok everyone you’ve enjoyed the goodies that Natalie, Geoff, Scarlett, and Melly have sent us.  What do you say?

Bella?  “OM NOM NOM”



Sigh..I’m afraid to ask, Summer?

“Well of course!  Thank you SO much Natalie and Geoff for these Kitty Treasures, and most importantly Scarlett and Melly for letting such spectacular Kitty Treasures to leave your home!”

Thank you Summer.

Thank you Natalie, Geoff, Scarlett, and Melly for these wonderful things, and for the Mega-WAY good brownies!

For those of you unfamiliar with Paw It Forward, basically you have three blogger peeps you send some care packages to, kitty treats, toys, etc…, and they in turn send on to three blogger peeps and so on.  So I’m asking you, who would like to participate?  Who would like to get a package of kitty stuffz from teh Metz and Kittehs?  Let me know in the comments.  :-)

Now is where we reach teh End of our, ahem, Tail. 

Also, we’re still working on finding that purrfect home for Sheba in Texas, Please continue to spread the word, thank you Everyone!!!

Posted by: Metz | November 4, 2010

Good People

Thank you to everyone who has put the word out to help Brinn find a new family for Sheba. 

Sadly we haven’t had anyone express an interest yet.  Please, if you know of anyone in that area please ask them to continue to spread the word.

And Thank you again for all of your support!

Posted by: Metz | October 30, 2010

A Little Help From Our Friends

Hi everyone, I’m putting out a special request this post.  On behalf of a dear friend Brinn, who loves her fur babies SO much she often goes by teh name, “My Babies Have Tails” on various forums and blogs.

She loves them so much that it is breaking  her heart to have to try to find a new home for her kitty Sheba.  I’ll let her tell you in her own words.

Would anyone in SE Texas or SW Louisiana like to adopt a kitteh?

Sheba is a tabby girl cat, spayed, about 4 years old.  She was rescued from the local Humane Society about 3 years ago, she was on their “urgent list”.  They think she may have been moved from another shelter during Hurricane Rita.  When they shaved her to spay, they found two things, 1) she’d already been spayed, and 2) she had a tattoo on her belly, they weren’t able to find out the reason for the tattoo or who might’ve marked her.

Sheba is a real people person, and so talkative!  When she first joined our family she got along just fine with my other cat Sister, *pictured above, don’t worry she was safely monitored while bag sitting and wasn’t left alone for a minute*, and my dog.  Suddenly, about six months ago, she started lashing out, hurting Sister in one of their battles.  It got to the point where I was keeping them separated by keeping one in the bedroom one day, alternating time in the room vs the rest of the house so they’d each have some free time.  Then it got worse, when she went after my dog, who is half lab, half pit, whole pansy) I knew it was time to get her to a place where she’d feel safe and happy again. 

I’m temporarily housing her at my boyfriend’s house, but as my luck is running, turns out he’s allergic to cats.  So far it seems mild enough, but his brother is returning from the Marines soon and he’s REALLY allergic. 

Just so you know, I have made numerous attempts to find out the reason for Sheba’s change.  Through the vet’s help I’ve explored all the possible medically related reasons, even trying her on Kitty Prozac but it didn’t agree with her, we’ve also tried Feliway, special collars, a “re-introduction” method, and after all this time it has only gotten worse, not better.  I’ve finally reached the painful decision that perhaps Sheba would be happier in a one pet household, where she can truly shine and be her beautiful happy self once more.  It hurts SO much to let her go, but I know I have to think of her quality of life over my missing her.

Some things you should know, Sheba has an allergy to fleas, she has been an indoor only cat in the 3 years she’s lived with me, she has been outside, but always only on a leash/harness.  I would ask that her new home continue to keep her an inside – outside only on leash kitty. 

Medical-wise, she has had some issues with her teeth, some of her teeth have been removed, and the vet said that there may be more needed in the future.  She is still able to eat dry food, and will eat either dry or wet food with no problem. 

Sheba LOVES attention, and is a genuine 100% lap cat.  She is SO happy when spending time with you and sharing love.  Please help me to find the right home for my sweet beautiful fur baby. 

So if anyone is interested or knows of someone who is interested and lives in the SE Texas / SW Louisiana please please let me know.  If you can please spread the word.  If you are interested please email me at metztree @ hotmail and I’ll pass your info along to Brinn.  Thank you so much for your help!

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