Posted by: Metz | October 30, 2010

A Little Help From Our Friends

Hi everyone, I’m putting out a special request this post.  On behalf of a dear friend Brinn, who loves her fur babies SO much she often goes by teh name, “My Babies Have Tails” on various forums and blogs.

She loves them so much that it is breaking  her heart to have to try to find a new home for her kitty Sheba.  I’ll let her tell you in her own words.

Would anyone in SE Texas or SW Louisiana like to adopt a kitteh?

Sheba is a tabby girl cat, spayed, about 4 years old.  She was rescued from the local Humane Society about 3 years ago, she was on their “urgent list”.  They think she may have been moved from another shelter during Hurricane Rita.  When they shaved her to spay, they found two things, 1) she’d already been spayed, and 2) she had a tattoo on her belly, they weren’t able to find out the reason for the tattoo or who might’ve marked her.

Sheba is a real people person, and so talkative!  When she first joined our family she got along just fine with my other cat Sister, *pictured above, don’t worry she was safely monitored while bag sitting and wasn’t left alone for a minute*, and my dog.  Suddenly, about six months ago, she started lashing out, hurting Sister in one of their battles.  It got to the point where I was keeping them separated by keeping one in the bedroom one day, alternating time in the room vs the rest of the house so they’d each have some free time.  Then it got worse, when she went after my dog, who is half lab, half pit, whole pansy) I knew it was time to get her to a place where she’d feel safe and happy again. 

I’m temporarily housing her at my boyfriend’s house, but as my luck is running, turns out he’s allergic to cats.  So far it seems mild enough, but his brother is returning from the Marines soon and he’s REALLY allergic. 

Just so you know, I have made numerous attempts to find out the reason for Sheba’s change.  Through the vet’s help I’ve explored all the possible medically related reasons, even trying her on Kitty Prozac but it didn’t agree with her, we’ve also tried Feliway, special collars, a “re-introduction” method, and after all this time it has only gotten worse, not better.  I’ve finally reached the painful decision that perhaps Sheba would be happier in a one pet household, where she can truly shine and be her beautiful happy self once more.  It hurts SO much to let her go, but I know I have to think of her quality of life over my missing her.

Some things you should know, Sheba has an allergy to fleas, she has been an indoor only cat in the 3 years she’s lived with me, she has been outside, but always only on a leash/harness.  I would ask that her new home continue to keep her an inside – outside only on leash kitty. 

Medical-wise, she has had some issues with her teeth, some of her teeth have been removed, and the vet said that there may be more needed in the future.  She is still able to eat dry food, and will eat either dry or wet food with no problem. 

Sheba LOVES attention, and is a genuine 100% lap cat.  She is SO happy when spending time with you and sharing love.  Please help me to find the right home for my sweet beautiful fur baby. 

So if anyone is interested or knows of someone who is interested and lives in the SE Texas / SW Louisiana please please let me know.  If you can please spread the word.  If you are interested please email me at metztree @ hotmail and I’ll pass your info along to Brinn.  Thank you so much for your help!



  1. How I wish I knew somebody in that area! Brinn is doing a great job of getting the word out. Anyone would be lucky to get this kitty. I hope it happens soon. She sounds precious and looks so soft.
    (Good to see you, Metz! Hope you & the kids all have a fun Halloween.)

  2. hi brinnann;

    sounds like you have been the
    ne plus ultra of responsible loving and diligent human household for Sheba. Breaks my heart to hear of your efforts and that she has developed aggression to yer other companions. I’m all the way over at Northeast Fla so all I can send is encouragement and “Go Team”‘s…..wish I could “pull Tim Gunn” and a “Make it Work” outta my hat…. 😦

    Wishing you wheelbarrows ‘o luck.

  3. Hi hon, link is up! We’ll be keeping our paws crossed for Brinn and Sheba! I know the pain Brinn must be feeling. Hugs to her from Space Paw!

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  5. Poor Sheba! And poor Brinn! We’re dealing with a similar situation at our house, so we understand what you’re both going through. We haven’t decided to re-home yet, but the subject has come up and it breaks our hearts to even discuss it. Wishing you the very best of luck in this! Our thoughts are with you!

    –KittyChair & Co.

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  7. […] Good People Thank you to everyone who has put the word out to help Brinn find a new family for Sheba.  […]

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