Posted by: Metz | December 8, 2010


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It’s time for another edition of K.C.S.I (Kitteh Crime Scene Investication), starring everyone’s favorite Furensic Investicator, Autumn.

Today’s episode, Where’s My Straw??

Mz. Bella Boo called Autumn at K.C.S.I, she was quite frantic and agitated, as seen here.

“My Straw, my FAVORITE Straw has been, *dun-dun-dun* STOLEN!”

Autumn sighed, “Why do they always call when I’m eating dinner?”  But, she left her delicious kibble and headed over to the scene of the crime.

“Nope, no straw here!  Mz. Bella Boo, were there any suspicious characters in the vicinity the last time you saw your straw?”

“Hmmm, let me think.  Noo, no suspicious characters, just my big brother Lucky, you don’t think HE took it do you?”

“I don’t know, I’ll have to interview him and see what he knows,”  Autumn said.

“So, Mr. Lucky, would you know anything about Mz. Bella Boo’s missing straw?”

“Does this box smell funny to you?  I’m sorry, what was the question again?”

“I don’t know nuttin’ about no missin’ straw!  I wanna talk to my lawyer!”

“Alright, I’ll talk, see, I was laying there minding my own business…”

“When along comes my sis, with her fancy scmancy straw….”

“and She’s playing with it, right in front of me, having a grand old time!  And does she ask me if I want to play too?  NO!”

“So when her back was turned, I just stretched out my paw and tucked it under my belleh.”


*sad forlorn look*

“Alright!  Alright!  I’m sorry, here, I’ll give it back!  Just stop looking at me like that!!”

“My Straw! YAY!”

“Sorry sis.”

Another case solved, by K.C.S.I. star investicator Autumn, who happily returned to her kibble.

Meanwhile, Lucky was jailed, but got off  five minutes later for cute behavior.

And Mz. Bella Boo?

Well, without her brother to torment, playing with her straw just wasn’t as much fun anymore.

“What’s that over there?”

“Oooh, Shiney!”



  1. How did I not know you also had a tortie and a tux boy?!

    • LOL, I dunno how you’ve missed it. 😀 Yeah we’ve got a whole rainbow 🙂 Tuxie boy, Lucky. Tortie, Autumn, Ornj/Marmie, Summer, and our new grey poofball, Bella. 🙂

  2. Orange is my other favorite kitteh color. And I really like that Lucky’s face markings are a lot like my boy’s.

    No doggies in my house, though.

    The *STERN LOOK* shot is so very tortie.

  3. Ohh so love this Metz…. Very funny and cute!

    As to the rainbow of cats just remember the gold at the end of the rainbow….. you know HAck Hack Hairball LOLOL!!!!!

  4. Oooh Shiny? Really Mommy?

    ~Dawnstar (Ur fave daughter)

  5. And it is awesome to read it the second time around. So sorry to hear THat Mr lucky has crossed teh ranbow bridge.

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