Posted by: Metz | November 8, 2010

Paw It Forward A Deux

So, I know it’ s only been a couple of days since I posted and it was on the weekend but I’m a nervous nellie worrying I won’t get any takers for my go at Paw It Forward.

I wanted to add that if anyone is concerned about privacy/sharing of address personal info and such you are more than welcome to still play along.  Just let me know you’d like to play in the comments of either post, tell me what your furvorite furry charity is  & I’ll send a donation in your (or you and your pet’s) name(s).

In other news, still no nibbles on darling Sheba, please don’t be furrgetting her.  (yes you may bop me on the head for the bad puns). 😉 



  1. Metz, thank you again for keeping the word out on my Sheba. ♥ I’m so blessed to have peeps like you.

  2. Great idea! I don’t have any pets myself, but I hope you get some takers on the Paw It Forward activity – sounds like a lot of fun for all involved! 🙂

  3. I (or rather, feline fatcat…his ears perk up at the idea of worshipping fans across the world) would love to participate, but postage is ridiculous when sending USA-Europe, so any gifts going to or from would have to be rather light and small….

    ps: If you haven’t met the feline in question, you’ll find him on the What ypu need to know-page on my blob 🙂

    • Yay! A Playmate! You can email me at metztree @ hotmail wit ur sending instructions.
      Dun worry dear I’m an ol’ pro at international shipping, I can haz peeps in Britian (near London), and Australia!
      I even have (shhh don’t tell anyone) a peep in that far off remote place called Canada. 😉

      *rubs hands together*
      Now, one down two to go, anyone else care to play?
      It doesn’t have to be just kittehs, got puppehs, etc…?

      • ok, email coming up 🙂

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