Posted by: Metz | November 7, 2010


Fridays are my long days.  I work my regular 9-5er and then volunteer 4 hours from 6-10pm, so I usually get home quite late.  Last night was no exception, made a bit later by stopping to pick up Wendy’s on the way home.

When I got home I was attacked by my kids Gabby n Ben who DEMANDED that I open this mysterious package received earlier in the day.  I looked at the box, yes indeed, it was the Paw It Forward package from Natalie at YAY!  I was just as excited as the kids, but…

I made them wait.  What?  I was hungry and fast food doesn’t get any better cold, lol.  Believe me I was dying to know what was inside too. 

So after I ate we went into the living room, gathered the kitties around (Summer and Autumn promptly ran off), and opened the box.  Bella was most intrigued when I gave the box a bit of a shake and it rattled, some of her favorite toys are rattling ones.

 I was so tickled as I was pulling the items out, no it wasn’t the feather toys, lol.  There was just so many cool things, and they kept coming!  It was like a cornucopia! 

I think I literally squealed with delight when I saw the package of brownies.  How many times I have virtually drooled over Natalie’s creations, and now I was going to actually have some?  PURE delight!  Now I was sort of regretting waiting until after I’d already eaten my fill of Wendy’s, lol.  Even though I was dying to have one right then and there, since it was already extremely past the kids’ bedtimes I reluctantly set the brownies aside to wait for tomorrow (Saturday).

Bella immediately claimed all the teeny mice and balls.


I was a meanie though, and made her share.

Lucky tried to tell me he was too grown up to play with floofy things.


Then we broke out the feathery balls and teaser.  All I can say is, DING DING DING WE HAVE A WINNAH!!

(the above pic came out a bit overexposed but it was SO cute I had to fiddle with the contrast and stuff just so you could see it)

Everything was amazing, treats (BTW Lucky LOVES the greenies I’ll have to remember that), a can o’tuna for teh kitties, catnip spray, bunches of balls and little meeses (I think they propagated in there lol), and the card was so sweet.  I was so taken with the seal on the envelope too, way too cool!

Saturday morning the kids could not wait until they finished breakfast so they could have one of Natalie’s brownies.

As suspected they were more than delicious.  Gabby was heard to say “These brownies are Mega-Way good!”  Coming from a 12 going on 13 yr old that’s high praise indeed.  Seriously though they were wonderful brownies!

Bella was a riot this morning too pulling the teaser down from where I’d sat it, as it fell it draped on her which started a nice 5 minutes of entertaining us with a Chase The Tail kind of game.  Wish I would’ve gotten it on video, but still photos will have to do.


Once she “caught” it, she dragged it off like a lioness dragging her prey.  Too cute.

Ok everyone you’ve enjoyed the goodies that Natalie, Geoff, Scarlett, and Melly have sent us.  What do you say?

Bella?  “OM NOM NOM”



Sigh..I’m afraid to ask, Summer?

“Well of course!  Thank you SO much Natalie and Geoff for these Kitty Treasures, and most importantly Scarlett and Melly for letting such spectacular Kitty Treasures to leave your home!”

Thank you Summer.

Thank you Natalie, Geoff, Scarlett, and Melly for these wonderful things, and for the Mega-WAY good brownies!

For those of you unfamiliar with Paw It Forward, basically you have three blogger peeps you send some care packages to, kitty treats, toys, etc…, and they in turn send on to three blogger peeps and so on.  So I’m asking you, who would like to participate?  Who would like to get a package of kitty stuffz from teh Metz and Kittehs?  Let me know in the comments.  🙂

Now is where we reach teh End of our, ahem, Tail. 

Also, we’re still working on finding that purrfect home for Sheba in Texas, Please continue to spread the word, thank you Everyone!!!



  1. Oh yay, it looks like everyone had so much fun!! Your kitties are so adorable. I’m glad they’re having fun with the toys!

  2. oooh, how much fun! I love how you’ve documented it!

  3. [this is good] How cool! 😀

  4. […] Paw It Forward A Deux So, I know it’ s only been a couple of days since I posted and it was on the weekend but I’m a nervous nellie worrying I won’t get any takers for my go at Paw It Forward. […]

  5. Did you get your three bloggers Metz…
    The kittes are always up fpor some fun.

    • Yay! Two down, one to go! You are in Mz Annie! :0)

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