Posted by: Metz | August 8, 2010

Bella and the Gang

Guest Photographer Gabrielle graciously provided us with some more pictures of Bella.  Warning, there are some CUTE toe beans ahead.

Zippy just looked so cute framed between these chairs.  Like he was smiling.

Renee charges her lasers.

Then she disarms and says, “Cheeese!”

Didn’t want to leave Remington out.  Here he’s hanging out in his favorite lounge.

At first I didn’t want to post this one when I realized I had cut off half his head.  But then I saw the wee tongue peeking out and went, AWWW!  (click the following pics to embiggen to get the full effects) 🙂

Autumn came charging out at me in the bedroom saying, “MOW MOW MOW MOW!!!” And she looked so cute!  Of course, being a Tortie she turned her head every time I clicked the shutter.  I had to settle for Mowless pics in the end.

Another view of Lucky, I so love his soft silky fur.  Other Tuxie owners, have you noticed this in your Tuxie?  Is it just me or do Tuxies have smoother silkier fur than other cats?

Mooom!  Summer stuck her tongue out at me!

She just did it again!!

“Nu-uh!  I wasn’t doin nuffin!  See?!”

Edit:  I felt so bad when I realized that I left Kassie out of this series.  As a result I now have a picture of her enjoying one of her favorite treats.  I love love LOVE how she holds it in her paws.  Too cute.



  1. My tuxie has the shortest, roughest fur I’ve ever felt on a kitteh. I did know one who was plush — short hair but dense. Is your tuxie an idiot or an evil genius? There seems to be nothing in between. Mine’s an evil idiot.

    Torties… they are so VERY tortie. No photos plz!

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