Posted by: Metz | July 23, 2010


Got some cute pictures of Bella launching a sneak attack on Zippy, who really didn’t care, he was too involved in eating.  🙂

You can just hear her saying, “RAWR, I’m a tough kitty!”

“Hold still and let me chew on your leg!”

“Heh, come back here!  Was I playing too ruff? LOL”

Here she is being mad at me for just putting the eye medicine in her eye.  I am still feeling so guilty for not noticing sooner how bad it was getting.  It feels like one day her eye was just fine, and the next it was all swollen and weeping.  😦

She forgot about me and started batting at Kassie’s ears as she lay below the chair.  Alas, I wasn’t quick enough on the draw to capture that but did get a cute shot of her and Kassie checking each other out.


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