Posted by: Metz | July 21, 2010

Post Bath

I noticed Bella was getting a wee bit stinky.  For the life of me I couldn’t figure out why, until I observed her in one of her favorite hiding places.  Seems she feels the litter box is also for reclining in stinky luxury.  Uh, no kitteh, it isn’t.

So last night I gave her a bath.  She was not so nearly complacent this time around.  I think that first time was to lull me into a false sense of security.  She scrambled up to my shoulder and like a burr, would not be removed.  After some prying I was able to get her loose and the bathing recommenced. 

Of course I got the stink eye afterward, and noticed that her weepy eye had come back again as well.  So back to the medicine once again.  Ahh, more reason to look at me with vows of revenge percolating in that wee cute head.

Here’s Gabby comforting her after that mean ol’ Mommy gave her that bath.

Gabby trying to cheer her up but she was having none of it.  Mad this lil’ Yoda was.

Then she tried to comb her, again the message was “Nu-uh!”

“I can groom myself thank you very much!”

On other fronts Bella is getting along famously with our two smallest dogs Zippy and Renee.  The dogs are overjoyed that they finally have a cat that will 1) not run away and hiss at them, and 2) will actually play with them.  Forgive me if I gush but it is so absolutely adorable (and as yet impossible to capture on camera) when Bella will go over to Zippy, walk under his chin, then flop over and bat playfully at his ears.  Then the wrestling fun begins.  Renee will sometimes join in and it is quite cute to see the three of them play together.  I watch closely and break things up if they start looking a bit rough, but so far Bella has more than held her own and I have yet to see either dog be threatening to her.  She does get a bit, um wet sometimes with the doggie drool, so that could also explain her recent stinkiness, lol. 

I managed to snap these two shots the other night but then Zippy always jonesing for snuggles noticed I was down low in his territory and came bounding over for said snuggles.

Autumn has surprised me by being more tolerant of Bella than I had expected.  She’s still not too happy and will growl her off in warning should Bella turn her way, but I have seen her on more than one occassion up close and sniffing when Bella wasn’t looking.

The other night she was hanging out in my chair after I’d left it briefly, the look she gave me on my return demanded that I take some pictures.

Then of course she deigned to rise and allow me to pet her. 

Since my hands were occupied with the camera she was forced to head butt the table in an effort to obtain pettings.

“No, I will NOT look at the camera, you made me have to headbutt the table because of that flashy thing.”

“Hark, what’s that noise I hear?  Oh, it’s just the little interloper. BAH!”

Lucky, he’s a whole nother story. 

He’s fighting his natural urge to want to play whenever Bella is around.

The other night I saw him start his usual “Hiss GO AWAY” when she came near, then I swear I could see him sigh and say, “Oh all right I’ll play with you but I won’t have any fun!”  And he did, it was like 1/2 hearted bap bap with the paws a few times before he got up and went somewhere she couldn’t get to him.

Don’t let his scowl fool you, Lucky is the most affectionate, mellow cat I have ever known.


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