Posted by: Metz | June 30, 2010

Bella Bella Bella

EDIT:  I’m trying something new with the pics, please let me know if you prefer the smaller ones or these larger ones.  Thanks.  🙂

EDIT II:  Ok feedback is showing the smaller pics are easier to see and are sharper.  Thanks!  🙂

Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days.  Been busy playing in the pool with the kids and working.  Ok just one day of playing in the pool but man, it was great!  🙂

Bella is still doing great.  She’s been introduced to everyone in the house and wandering about freely during the day, bedtime she still sleeps in the bedroom, lol we’ve taken to calling it “Bella’s room”.  I picked her up some felt mousies last weekend and she is LOVING them. 

The other cats are still hissing and sorta growling at her, but they’re mostly half-hearted now and I’ve seen at least a few occasions where there was nose touching before the adult cat remembered they’re not supposed to like her and giving a little hiss and walking away. 

The only major holdout still is Autumn, which is what I pretty much expected, as I said before, she’s just not fond of any other animals except herself. 

Poor Bella though, she wants so badly to make friends with Lucky, she is totally smitten with him, following him around.  He’s getting calmer with her but his nose is still out of joint that he’s not the “baby” anymore.  Being our youngest and most sociable cat he was the favorite of the kids, to the extent that they would sometimes fight over who got to have him in their room.  I’ve reminded them as they’ve started this with Bella, that we have 3 other cats and 4 dogs deserving of love and attention as well.  So now they’ve reached an understanding that if one has Bella at the moment the other should seek out one of our other pets to spend time with them. 

As for the dogs, Zippy continues to be intensely curious about her and wants SO badly to play with her.  They’ve also gotten nose to nose on several occasions but Bella’s just not sure if she wants to play with this giant. 

Renee also seems interested in her but only in passing when Bella first enters the room, then she loses interest. 

Remington will go out of his way to avoid walking too close.  

Kassie is still trying to figure out why the water bowl randomly hisses at her.  She’s nearly blind from cataracts and a few times now she’s gone to get a drink only to be confused by Bella hissing from behind the water bowl.


X marks the spot for Cuteness!  🙂

Here’s Lucky trying to turn his back on the fun playtime with the cat teaser. 

Then he’s all, “Fine!  I’ll play, but I won’t enjoy myself!”

So then of course Bella wants to join in.  I told you she LOVES Lucky.  He told her to go play somewheres else though.  😦

And then there’s Mr. Zippy on the other side of the living room gate saying,

“You wanna tease the cat?  I can do that EASY!  PLEAAAASE let me tease teh cat!  PLEAAAASSSE!”

Bella says, “Ummm, thanks, but No.”


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