Posted by: Metz | June 24, 2010

Who let the dogs look?

First off let me apologize once again for the extremely poor quality of my photos.  My wishlish for my birthday has one thing, a GOOD camera.  In the meantime I have to make do with this thing which seems to hate me as much as I hate it, durn thing takes crystal clear pics when it’s Bella’s tail tip, or her back is turned, but when she’s in the perfect pose for a photo, forget it, blurry or over exposed city.

Bella is doing well.  She’s been visually introduced to the dogs by way of putting up a baby gate at the door.  At first I was worried she’d try to get out through the gaps but she stayed well away from the door, preferring to watch the dogs from a safe distance.  That didn’t stop her from playing with her toys and purring up a storm. *

*note:  I am under pressure for reasons I cannot go into right now to speed up the introduction process a bit.  I would very much prefer to go at a slower pace, but can’t.  But don’t worry, I’m not going throw her to the wolves so to speak, every step of the process will be closely watched and I’ll backtrack to the slower methods if necessary despite my situation.  I want her and all of our critters to be happy and comfortable with one another and won’t take any unnecessary risks, promise.  🙂

After that she got down to the serious business of playing.  Most of the dogs weren’t all that interested, but Zippy stood guard the whole time the gate was up.  He was good though, didn’t bark and carry on, just sat or stood at attention, taking it all in.

She loves to wrestle with Gabby’s Webkins kitten.


 Today’s bonus pic:  Summer in one of her favorite hangouts.  Looking down from on high.

If you’re lucky she just might deign to grace you with her glorious presence.



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