Posted by: Metz | June 23, 2010

More Critters Than You Can Shake A Stick At

An intro of some of our other family friends.  🙂

I’ll start with Kassie.  We brought her and another dog, Dusty, who passed away from cancer two years ago, home from the North Shore Animal League about 10 years ago.  They estimated her age then to be about 3-5 years.  She’s a Keeshond, if not pure then pretty darn close.  We shave her down for comfort and because she is on an extended high dose of prednesone for an immune disorder she’s recently started losing fur, so please forgive her scruffy appearance in these pics.  She’s a real sweetie.  Clever girl too, shortly after getting her I was out walking her and Dusty one day and the two were really being rambunctious on the leashes.  We hadn’t really started any training with them yet, so I wasn’t expecting much when out of desperation I called out, “Heel!”  Kassie stopped in her tracks and I swear the look on her face was like, “Darn it!  She knows how to command Heel.”  Then with a semi-guilty look on her face she trotted back to me and heeled!  Amazed I tried out other commands, sure enough she knew shake, sit, and lay.  Clever girl thought she was off the hook in our very relaxed household.  But her pre-existing knowledge helped when we began training Dusty who was only about 9 or 10 months old at the time.  Before long I had them both sitting and waiting my command to go outside whenever we opened the door. 

Next up within the same year, we brought home Renee a 4 yr old pom-mix pup, who from the local shelter’s description was quite the little escape artist.  There isn’t a single leaf, raindrop, bird, or squirrel that is safe from her vigilant guarding of our yard.  Not to mention that we have not had a mole problem since Renee came on the job.  Unexpected holes in the ground however… I don’t think I ever laughed so hard in my life though than the time the huge jetliner soared low over our house (we’re sorta in the flight path of our local airport).  She showed that plane who was top dog.

Then along came Remington.  We got a call one day from my husband’s aunt who works with a dog rescue group.  They had a “greyhound mix” who they’d rescued from a shelter that was closing in Tennessee, could we foster him?  He was in such bad shape when they brought him to us.  They figured he was about 2 or so, but it was hard to tell since he was so malnourished and covered in sores.  It didn’t take us too long to figure out that he wasn’t really a greyhound (he was just so malnourished he had that greyhound shape to him), he’s actually a Red Bone Coonhound.  It took him nearly a year to finally start to come out of his shell.  It didn’t take that long for us to figure out though that we weren’t fostering him, he was home.  He’s been home for 6 years now.

And last but don’t dare call him least, we have Zippy.  Zippy also came to us via my husband’s aunt.  He was about a year old and we’ve had him for about 4 years now.  He’s a Shih-zhu Poodle mix.  He’s also quite the terror and bully, especially when it comes to Remington.  But the two can be best buds, in fact you’ll notice in my pics of Remington, Zippy is never very far from him.

I’m concerned about introducing the dogs to Bella.  They’ve only ever seen our grown up kitties who were all big enough to defend themselves when they were introduced.  I’m thinking one on one when it’s time but not really sure how to go about it. 

Now onto what I know you’ve been waiting for, Bella!  😉

A friend who’s been looking at my pics of her asked me for a size perspective pic with her in my hands, so I obliged.

Then the kids wanted to get in on the action.

Our kitten rescuer, Gabby.

Ben, “Give me some sugar Bella!”

Pro tips for introduction time?  One on one?  Groups?  How fearful (read: overprotective) should I be since she’s so teeny and they’re so humongous? 

bonus doggie pics:



  1. I would give Bella a few more days before starting introductions. Let her feel a bit of confidence before introductions to the doggies. I think she’ll do fine, since she can get “out of reach” pretty fast! You already know this, but make sure interactions are supervised for a few days, until you know everything will be okay.

    What a crew! I don’t know how you keep up with the hair – or maybe you’re like me, and I’ve just given UP on cat/dog hair. I swear there is an 11th cat under the couch.

    • Thanks. The vet had suggested at least a week until she was done with her meds, I’m just thinking/worrying ahead of myself. 🙂 My husband is accusing me of being a “mother hen” to her, I indignantly told him, “No I’m not! I’m being a mother CAT!” 😉 The dogs had been oblivious to her presence until today when they happened to spot her as I was going into the room. Now they’re all camping out in front of the door, it’s quite cute, if a bit nervous making whenever we need to go in or out.

      We’ve been extra vigilant on the hairs right now since we have to be pretty much ready to show the house at a moment’s notice. Don’t tell our realtor, but there have been some Bella sized tumblehairs rolling around on occasion. Actually the other morning I woke up to find that Bella had pulled a pretty good sized dust bunny from under the dresser and was wrestling it into submission. 😀

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