Posted by: Metz | June 21, 2010

Bella is a Nose Pouncer

Let me set the scene for you.  Time:  Yesterday (Sunday) morning.  Crack o’dawn.  Place:  Bed, my bed.  Starring:  Bella  Bit Players:  Metz’s nose.

I am sound asleep.  Ok not quite sound, since I am vaguely aware of Bella romping around the room.  I know that soon, oh too soon I will be forced to get up and give the little ball of energy some food and attention.  Have I mentioned that I am NOT a morning person?  My mother will attest that even as a wee one I was always the night owl and NEVER the Early Bird.  Anyhoo, I’m lying there and I realize that Bella has crawled up onto my pillow above my head.  I thought to myself, “Ok great!  She seems to be wanting to snuggle for a bit, I can do that and be lazy for a few more minutes.”

I must have really relaxed then because I dozed back off, when all of a sudden, KAPOWIEPOUNCE!  She pounced right on my nose.  LOL I figure I must have been making some interesting noises with it for my nondescript nose to attract that particular kind of attention.  So of course I did what any self-respecting person who’s just had their nose pounced on does.  I got up and fed my kitten and gave her some attentions.  :-p

I’d like to introduce you to our other kitty residents:

Back in June of 2000 my husband brought home two tiny kittens someone had abandoned near the dumpster by his work.  Sisters, probably about the same age as Bella is now.  We named them Summer and Autumn. 

Summer is our house Diplomat and Ambassador.  She is the first to make friends with any new critters, be they dog or cat.  She is also our Chirrup meower.  Cutest meow ever.  Someday I’ll actually catch it on audio and share.

Her sister Autumn, on the other hand is a picture postcard of Tortitude.  Super friendly and loving to select individuals of the household at her desire.  And wishes she could impose 100ft restraining orders on the rest.  Especially the other cat (we’ll get to him in a minute) and the dogs.  The kids she used to feel that way about too but I’ve lol, trained, them on how to approach her and she’s more tolerant of their presence now.

Then, then there’s Lucky.  Lucky came home with my daughter and her Grammie from a petting zoo in September of 2002.  He is the sweetest ball of fur, a total mush pot.  And oh so very vocal.  His favorite pastime is to torture Autumn by being too close to her.

Then there’s that new kid on the block.

That one eye must still be feeling sensitive, it seems like almost every time the flash goes off she closes it, but it is actually looking MUCH better.

You know, with our other kitties, taking pictures is hard because you just can’t get them to look at you.  And my youngest child is 7 going on 8, so I’ve forgotten how MUCH harder it is taking pictures of something moving at the speed of ZOOM.


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