Posted by: Metz | June 20, 2010

Meet Miss Bella

It’s official, she has a name.

And an interest in my hands typing on the keyboard apparently LOL.

We’ve named her Bella in the interest of meeting in the middle.  My son Benjamin wanted to name her Beautiful, and my daughter Gabby wanted to name her after a character in one of the many books she reads.

So, Bella, Italian for Beautiful, right?  And Bella for the character from the Twilight Books. 

Now that she’s feeling better she is just flying around the room.  And she just loves to play! 

Thank you again to everyone for their advice and tips.  I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted. 

I apologize for the lousy pictures, we REALLY need to get a new camera one of these days. 

I keep trying to show you guys her beautiful green/gold eyes but darn that flashy thing  just makes her close them before my dumb old camera finally decides to take the actual picture.

Confession time.  For the purpose of actually sleeping  I sleep in our spare room which is also my daughter’s room, long story of why she doesn’t sleep in there.  Anyway, my husband, um saws logs like you wouldn’t believe.  So in order to actually get some rest during the night I sleep in here.  I am also not known as an early riser.  On the weekends I am as lazy as my family will allow me to be.  Not so this morning.  This was my one of my first clues that Mz Bella is feeling MUCH better thankyouverymuch!  Pounce pounce pounce right at the crack o’dawn.  Lil’ Miss kept me up well past 2 am before finally zonking, then after a mere 4 hour recharge, “WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP!!!”  I’ll admit that although bleary eyed I did not mind one little bit.   

This one really shows off her pretty colors. 

And a couple of short vids, taken with the same crappy camera.  In the one the hand you see flicking the kitteh ball around is my husband Rob’s hand.  He’s not one for gushy commentary but after playing with Bella while I took the pics and vids, I heard him exclaim to Gabby as he left the room, “Boy Gabby you sure did find us the cutest kitten I’ve ever seen!”  😀  I agree she’s cute Rob, although I’m sure our other kitties Autumn, Summer, & Lucky might want to have words with you.

Ok I tried but can’t seem to upload teh vids directly to WordPress (still figuring this thing out sorry).  However I was able to add them to my flickr here:

and here:

please ignore the messy bed

I’ve got more pics of course and later I’ll put some up of our other residents and their various reactions to 1) not being able to sleep with me, OH THE HUMANITY!! and 2) the fact there seems to be noises and odors coming out of the bedroom, and 3) WHY is there FOOD going into the room but they’re not being allowed to eat it??? OH THE HUMANITY AGAIN!!  😉



  1. She is such a cutie! I think she will grow into a beautiful cat, and the kitten year is so much fun to watch. Thanks for letting us watch with you!

    • Thanks. We are all totally smitten with her. 🙂 It’s funny, she’s so tiny compared to our fully grown cats. It’s been nearly 7 years since we’ve had a kitten in the house (Lucky was our last kitten), I’d forgotten how teeny they are!

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