Posted by: Metz | June 18, 2010

Oh Boy! Or Girl. Not sure which yet.

EDIT:  Hubby just got home from the vet.

  1. It’s a girl!!  She’s about 4 weeks old.
  2. She’s covered in fleas and lousy with ear mites.  Kinda figured.  The vet gave her meds for the fleas and mites.
  3. He also gave an ointment for her eyes to be applied 2x a day.
  4. He also gave her meds for her wormies…she’s apparantly got 2 kinds of worms!  What a busy girl she’s been in her short life!
  5. He also gave us antibiotics for her upper respiratory infection.

So now she’s home back in quarantine.  Does anyone know how old she needs to be before she can be tested for the various illnesses?  I had my husband ask and the vet told him she was too young to be tested yet, to just keep her separate from our other pets.  (We’ve got 3 other cats and 4 doggies all VERY curious about what’s going on in this once accessible room).

So now the hard part.  Coming up with a suitable name…my daughter is really clamoring for a Warrior Cats name, but none of the choices are really ringing true for me yet. 

So my daughter spotted a lone kitten wandering about the wooded area near our house today.

He is now safely in residence in our spare room.  He’s got an interesting color combo, a nice grey with a russet/brown overlay.  Friendly little guy too.  Came right up to my daughter outside, and doesn’t hesitate to ask for attention when you’re visiting him in his guest room.  I really REALLY hope someone didn’t have him as a pet and dumped him when he got sick.  That might make me think bad thoughts. 

Note, I keep saying, “He” but there’s a wee bit o’floof in the nether regions that are preventing me from making an accurate assessment, so I’ll wait for the vet to determine that bit of information.  Poor thing has majorly goopy eyes.  One keeps filling up with puss, and the other is well on the way to being the same.  😦  I’m trying to keep it as clean as possible with warm damp cloths but am afraid of hurting them worse.

Other than the eyes he seems to be in fairly good health.  He tucked right into the food and water offered (a bit of canned cat food).  He even tried nomming the litter in our makeshift litterbox. 

He’s wandering about and exploring (as best he can I suppose with those goopy eyes.)  He’s pretty fast too, gotta watch it whenever you open the door, he makes a beeline right for it! 

Seems like his meowbox isn’t working so great.  Not really sure what to make of that.  It doesn’t seem like he’s congested, at least I can’t hear or see him struggling with breathing.  But I know stuff like that can turn on a dime so I’m watching him closely.  We’re taking him to the vet tomorrow, I just want to make sure he’s comfortable and ok for tonight.  Any thoughts or suggestions would be most wonderful thank you!  🙂

There’s a fairly large feral cat population in the neighborhood.  They are fed regularly by a few neighbors and for the most part while shy, aren’t really frightened or hissing spitting at people.  I’m thinking that’s where this little guy came from, but haven’t seen hide nor hair of the rest of the clan, just a few of the adults on their jaunts.  I’d actually been talking with another neighbor recently about investigating whether we could work with a TNR group in the area to try to minimize the growth of this clan.  So far all I’ve been able to find is a shelter that does low cost spaying/neutering for ferals but even at the discount it is something way beyond my budgetary means right now.  😦 

Gabby’s already thinking of names for him, she’s leaning toward favorite character names from her favorite book series “Warriors” Me, although I am sorely tempted I am trying so hard to not get too attached just yet (yes I am fooling myself thank you very much).  Alright, I admit it, I was thinking “Q” because his tail just keeps making the cutest question mark shape.  But I have a feeling I’ll be soon outvoted by my children.



  1. If you want/need to get a closer look @ any of the pics they’re on my flickr here:

  2. Now I’m getting worried as he’s starting to get raspy and runny nose and breathing more heavily. I’ve got the vaporizor running (thank goodness was right nearby and filled from my own recent battle with bronchitis.) I just hope he’ll be ok until my husband can take him to the vet tomorrow. REALLY wish I didn’t have to work tomorrow. 😦

  3. Oh my goodness, Metz! Thank goodness you found this little guy… he really looks like he’s in rough shape. What a horrible thing for a kitten to go through at such a young age. I hate seeing that. I also really hope that someone didn’t just dump him in the woods when they saw he was sick 😦
    What you’re doing for him right now is exactly what I’d do, too. Keep him clean, fed, warm, and use the vaporizer as much as you can. Upper-respiratory infections can get nasty, but most of the time they can be treatable.
    Hopefully the vet will be able to tell you a little bit more about his condition. Keep us in the loop on what’s going on… *hugs*

    • Thanks so much! You know how it is when you worry if you’re doing enough. It just doesn’t feel like it is enough when they’re still so sad and sick. My husband is at the vet with him now. I’ll update as soon as I know any more. He was up and around and eating this morning before I left for work so that’s a good sign. 🙂

      I have to say I was reminded of Litterhead when this lil’ guy started nomming the litter. 🙂 Which is actually what made me run around to the blogs for advice. It was like, “LIGHTBULB! I can ask the kitty community that has been here done that!”

  4. PS: The colours in his fur are soooo pretty!

  5. In addition to the antibiotics, we recommend lysine for upper respiratory infections, which are usually caused by herpes virus (then bacterial infection can set in –hence the antibiotics). You can by L-lysine powder at a GNC or even better is the lysine gel ordered through Amazon, because it’s easier to dose. The powder can go on top of wet food. Good luck!

    • Thank you! I’ll pick up some tomorrow. She already looks so much better, I hope to get some better pics of her up tomorrow. We’re toying with the idea of calling her Whisper because she just can’t seem to get a mew out.

  6. How good of you to take the sick little girl in and get her to the vet!

    Whisper looks like a great name, except being a cat, the moment she’s better, she’ll probably develop a wall-shakingly loud meow just to prove you wrong. 🙂

    • Thanks, She’s such a sweetie pie, how could we say no, right? 😀
      She’s still being very quiet in the meow dept though, but I am glad we chose Bella, it suits her very well.

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